Food Management App

Tongbin knows what the users have in their fridge through the data of the items, they have purchased in the groceries. This application will let the users what food items are expiring but also they can recommend some recipes, how they can make use of those items and make a wonderful cuisine.

Mysterious Food in Your Fridge

The problem space I found is started from my house, my family had a really packed fridge with a lot of mysterious food. My parents often forgot what items we had in our fridge so they bought the items that were already in our fridge. So, I started thinking if there is a way to solve this problem.

Making Use The Most of Leftover

I got inspired by the Korean TV show, which is called “Please, take care of my refrigerator.” This program contains a competition among famous chefs to make wonderful cuisine out of leftovers of famous Korean celebrity’s refrigerators. This made me think of the way to make use of leftovers from our own fridge.

Recommended recipes show what the users can make out of their already-available ingredients and customized recipes that users can choose the ingredients to see what selection of recipes come out.

Don’t Forget Your Food

A notification system has three different periods of time – pop up one week, three days, and one day before the expiration date arrives.

What Value Does Tongbin Have?

TONG BIN means “empty”, “텅 빈” in Korean. The reason why I chose this word for my app is that the moto of my app is to make space by using expiring food before it is going to be bad.


taking easy access to your own fridge on your hand – simple and easy Interaction by linking the users account to the app


having AI-read UPC code, recipes recommendation, organized sections within the app and specified sections for different types of food


having customized recipes based on the items the users have

Environmentally Friendly

aiming for zero food waste by not wasting the food from your fridge

Why Is It Better Than The Smart Fridge?

I looked at the opportunity space for the potential users of smart refrigerators as a design precedent.

Value proposition of the smart refrigerator:
targeting Family and Early Adopter due to the high price and technology accessibility.

Opportunity space:
Targeting a young generation who live by themselves and doesn’t have any idea how to make use of their leftovers and get rid of mysterious food out of the fridge.

This is a value proposition canvas to figure out the opportunity space:

Who will need this?

Target users are the people who love to cook food and live by themselves.
Don’t have the know-how to deal with their leftovers.

Target users: younger generations age 20-30

What’s The Pain Point of Grocery Trip?

There were two main pain points that I found:

  1. It is hard to find the recipes that perfectly matches with their leftover ingredients. Although they found a recipe, they don’t know if they have ingredients in the fridge.
  2. Once they put the items in the fridge, people often forget the expiration dates of stored items.

Analysis of Existing Food Management Apps

A lot of precedents are placing a burden to the users, such as letting the users put the items on the list by manually or scan each item. All of these existing applications are providing the information on expiration dates but none of them are quite handy to the users.

  • Fresh Pantry (first precedent)

This application is called “Fresh Pantry.“ This application helps the users organize their food and expiration dates. In order to track the items, the users should take a photo of the items and set an expiration date.

There are so many steps that users should go through for tracking their items, from taking photos of items to the setting expiration dates for each item.

  • BEEP (second precedent )

“Beep” is the application that tracks expiration dates of the items in the users’ fridge. Beep uses a scanner to track the exp. dates.

Scanning each item is another burden for the users although the users do not need to set the exp. dates for each item.

TONG BIN solves those two disadvantages and weakness of the existing applications. It can track the expiration dates with simply linking your grocery account.