What is CEAT?

CEAT(Campus Eat) is an application for ECUAD students to order food from outside of school for better quality and better price without delivery fees. This “group buying” platform allows a diversity of food from different cultural backgrounds.


Food is a basic right for all. “We are what we eat.” ECUAD students and faculties are struggling for low food accessibility on campus. We miss food from their own culture and backgrounds. In response to this voice of an eager for home-food, we created an idea of a group-buying platform to bring the food outside of school.

This map shows students’ feeling about each location in the school. Most students felt anger in the cafeteria. This means that students are not satisfied with the service of Loafe, the ECUAD cafeteria.

It’s is for US – ECUAD students and faculties

CEAT is for students who miss their home-food. Emily Carr University is formed of diverse students from different backgrounds. The choice of food should be more diverse in broader range as we have a right to choose food to our preference and based on their culture.

Students or faculties can easily access to the application. Just simply put their student ID and their password that is used on our school website.

Diverse Food

There are main features in the homepage. For the purpose of the app, which is having diverse food on campus, a selection bar on top for the different cultural food is added. Down below the price of food, the users can see the minimum number of people for the group buying discount.

What is Unique?

CEAT is better than other ordering application such as Uber eats, Skip the dishes, and Door dash. The feature of group buying allows the customer not paying the delivery fee and get a discount depends on the number of people buying. This way, students can save budget on food.

Accessible and Portable

This QR code is for picking up the food in the pick up station.

Consideration with accesiibility and portability, the app should make a buying process really quick and easy. In the last stage of ordering food, the customers get a QR code which is to scan their code to pick up their ordered food from the pick-up station.

This app is made by Jiyeon, Grace and Nayeon.

Here is the link for the detailed information: https://schoolfood.nayeonkim.ca.